Penang residents fed up with flooding – the fourth time in weeks

Residents of Malaysia’s Penang island woke up Monday morning to flash floods with water levels waist-high in some areas – the fourth time in a matter of weeks and one day after the Chief Minister assured that chronic flooding would be dealt with. New Straits Times Online reported on Monday.

The floods were caused by downpours which began at about 3 am this morning. The rains also triggered major landslides at Jalan Ujung Baru in Teluk Behang and Relau in Bayan Lepas.

The two landslides forced the closure of two roads, further worsening traffic congestion on the island.

Abdul Ghafor Ghanik, a resident at Jalan Ramlee, said he was frustrated and fed up with having to clean his house due to flash floods every other day for the past 11 days.

“The authorities promise to help us with the floods, members of the press interview us about the floods, and every other day we deal with the floods. We are fed up. In this week alone, I have lost thousands of ringgit worth of property, such as my fridge and washing machines,” said Abdul Ghafor Ghanik.

At press time however, water levels in many areas have receded with the rains reduced to a drizzle but the trail of destruction are still clearly evident.