Pedology student arrested for offering marijuana seeds for sale online

A college student was yesterday (Nov 5) arrested by police and charged for using social media to sell marijuana.

The student was arrested by Metropolitan Police Bureau Division 1 detectives after investigation found him to offer marijuana seeds for sale online.

A detective later impersonated a customer and asked to buy the seeds from the man on his Facebook page.

Seized from his place on Phetkasem road are more than 200 marijuana seeds, postal packaging boxes for mailing to customers, and several equipment used for planting marijuana.

The suspect is later identified to be a college student who is taking padology course.

He admitted to have used knowledge from padology to plant marijuana in the backyard for over two years.

He said he bought high quality marijuana seeds of more than than 800 species online from abroad.

Police said they will charge him for having marijuana in possession and for sale.

They added that they will also look into those who bought marijuana seeds from him online for criminal charges.