Peace talks in Deep South to resume soon

Peace talks with rebel groups in the Deep South will proceed and centre on the establishment of safety zones, the head of the Government’s negotiating team revealed on Saturday.

Gen Aksara Kerdphol, the lead negotiator in peace talks, said the talks will resume soon.

He admitted that the peace talk was interrupted when it was linked to a recent deadly bombing this month killing two govern troops and injuring a dozen others.

He said critics and news analysts linked the continual violence in the Deep South, despite of the ongoing peace talks, to whether groups that were negotiating have real command of the rebels.

This has confused the peace talk facilitators, and create suspicion among the rebel groups, he said.

Such confusion and suspicion has prompted the government-appointed head of the peace negotiation team Gen Udomdej Sitabutr to order him to travel to Malaysia to convince the facilitators of the peace talk with request to convey these messages to the rebel groups, he said.

He said he assured them that the peace talks would proceed, particularly the safety zones and measures that would be implemented.

But the peace negotiator assured that despite of the peace talks, security officials will continue their strategy to deploy troops in community areas, rural areas and jungles to win support from local people to reject all forms of violence.