PDRC to shut down Bangkok by end of next week

People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) secretary-general Suthep Thaugsuban declared Saturday night that the entire capital Bangkok will be completely shut down by millions of people opposing the Thaksin regime.

Addressing several thousands of supporters at the Democracy Monument, Suthep said the shutdown of the capital will begin when people return to Bangkok after the long New Year festival holidays.

He said the shutdown or what he described was the seizure of the capital would be the day when “People’s Revolution” would begin to end  and uproot the Thaksin regime.

He attributed his term of shutdown as to seize all government offices, encirclement of the caretaker prime minister’s house, as well as all houses of her cabinet ministers, all significant intersections and commercial complexes by the people who will turn out in millions.

The shutdown will also mean government offices across the country by supporters who he said have been advised to get ready for the People’s Revolution.

He vowed that the shutdown by millions of anti-Thaksin protesters will be peaceful and empty hand to make known to the world that Thailand will be the first country in the world that millions of people will come together to take back the sovereign power back from corrupted and evil regime.

He defended the PDRC’s final push as legitimate reasoning that the Constitution states clearly that the people can retake their power back to uphold constitutional democracy if the sovereign power  the people give to the administration was abused.

On the day when Bangkok is completely shut down, he said government officials could not work as their offices will be sealed off by the people, as well as all those cabinet ministers.

There will be no place in the capital where Ms Yingluck Shinawatra could walk now, he said.

He asked for understanding from the people for causing them inconvenience during the shutdown of the capital which might take a week or two weeks but will last and victory declared before the February 2 election.

He then advised Bangkokians who have not taken part in the shutdown to get ready and leave the capital to relax at resorts or other places to avoid the inconvenience in the capital that will affect their daily life.

He also called on government officials to take side now as to continue working would be tantamount to support the legitimacy of the illegitimate government.