PDRC reset D-Day on May 9 instead of May 14

The People’s Democratic Reform Committee has decided to move forward its planned mass rally from May 14 to this Friday (May 9) in a final battle to reclaim sovereign powers for the people.

PDRC secretary-general Suthep Thaugsuban told his supporters at Lumpini park Wednesday night that the situation had changed and, therefore, it was necessary to move forward the planned mass rally.  He urged supporters of the PDRC from throughout the country to start heading for Bangkok now for the final battle.

The auspicious time for the launch of the operation to “reclaim sovereign powers” for the people was set at 9.09 am on May 9.  Suthep said that the operation must be accomplished so that there will be a people’s assembly to be set up.

The protest leader then urged red-shirt followers to bury the hatchet and to join the PDRC to rid the country of Thaksin regime or influence.  He said that the caretaker government led by acting prime minister Niwatthamrong Bunsongphaisarn was no longer a legitimate government and Niwatthamrong was unqualified for the premiership because he was involved in the controversial rice pledging scheme.

“Whatever will happen, the great mass of people will move forward until their objective is accomplished.  We will fight in peace with our bare hands and definitely without any weapons,” said Suthep as he addressed the crowd at Lumpini park.

Meanwhile, Senator Kamnoon Sitthisamarn contended that Mr Niwatthamrong  was not authorized to discuss with the Election Commission about the staging of an election because he as caretaker deputy prime minister acting on behalf of the prime minister and could not countersign the Royal Decree proclaiming the July 20 election day.

“It should be understood that Thailand now has no prime minister.  Niwatthamrong Bunsongphaisarn is still caretaker deputy prime minister performing the duty of the prime minister as resolved by the cabinet.