Park expert gives advice to avoid wild elephant attack

A wildlife veterinarian has issued advice for motorists driving through  Khao Yai national park to follow in case of sudden encounter with wild elephants.

The advice  came as a wild bull  elephant attacked a passing vehicle on the park Saturday, causing damages to the car.

Fortunately four persons inside were not harmed.

The elephant attack came just less than two weeks when a wild elephant attacked a pickup truck on January driving through  the Khao Yai park after its driver blowing horn at the beast. Nobody was injured.

Wildlife veterinarian  Pattarapol Manee-on gave five advice on how to avoid elephant charge, and how to stay safe if it charges.

1. Pause your vehicle at least 30 metres apart   if spotting a wild elephant crossing the road. If the wild elephant walks closer, shift your car in reverse gear, maintain your composure and  drive off slowly. Wait patiently until the beast walks off the road and start to  drive pass.

2.  Don’t blow the horn or make any noise to disturb the elephant as the noise could enrage and  stimulate it to charge at as its ears are sensitive to the horn  tweeters.

3. Don’t photograph the beast with flash on as it could frighten  and turn it  to charge,  or arose its interest to come closer to explore.

4. Always keep the car engine on so as to turn back in time if the elephant walks closer. The bass noise of the engine will not disturb or frighten it as it is familiar with such noise from vehicles and it is not interested in it.

5. In case of driving at night and encountering elephant,  always keep the headlights on and try to observe its signs and keep a distance from it. Don’t flash the lights as this could draw its attention and walk up to the vehicle.