Paibul wants a referendum on reforms before there is an election

A member of the Constitution Drafting Committee wants the draft charter to be amended to make it possible for a referendum on national reforms to years ahead of a general election.

The idea of a referendum to be held on the issue of national reforms ahead of the election was unveiled Tuesday by Mr Paibul Nititawan in the company of two members of the National Reform Council, Mr Voravit Sri-ananraksa and Mr Sira Jenjakha.

Paibul said he would propose an amendment of Section 308 of the draft charter requiring the Election Commission to stage a referendum to let the people to decide whether there should be reforms before a general election is to be held.

He maintained that the two-year period for reforms to be implemented before the election was appropriate.

The CDC member insisted that his idea was not intended to prolong the tenure of the NRC or the National Legislative Assembly but to enable the people to have a say in setting the direction of the country.

But if the majority of the people disagree with the reforms idea, then the election will proceed.

(Photo : Thai PBS File)