Pahang Sultan orders stop to illegal farming in Cameron Highlands

The Sultan of Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah Sultan Abu Bakar has called for an end to illegal farming in Cameron Highlands, The Star Online reported.

“Illegal farming has been in existence since the British (colonial) times. It’s an infectious disease. They cannot go on doing this. We must put to an end (to illegal farming), by hook or by crook, we will do it,” he told reporters here.

He indicated that stern action would be taken against these farmers, adding; “One of these days you’ll see a hundred of them behind bars.”

However, the Sultan said the state needed the Federal Government’s help, as Pahang did not have enough personnel and resources to stop the problem.  He said this after being brought here to view the damage done to the town after the Nov 6 mud floods.

During his visit, the Sultan was seen berating local and state government officials, especially after viewing the Bertam Valley Chinese school and the rubbish together with the mud piled up next to it.

It is believed that illegal farming has been the cause of many of the landslides and floods occurring here in Cameron Highlands.

Aside from being set up indiscriminately across the countryside, the plastic sheeting set up for farm roofs here channel rainwater directly into rivers, instead of being absorbed by the ground.