Over six tonnes of Krathong floats collected for disposal

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) says Loy Krathong celebrants this year floated 15% less Krathong than last year in the Chao Phraya river, city canals, and public parks in the capital.

Bangkok deputy governor Chakraphand Piew-ngarm said this morning that a total of 617,901 Krathong weighing about six tonnes were collected, breaking up to 573,867 Krathong made of natural materials, and 44,034 made of plastic foam.

If compared with last year’s collection, plastic foam Krathong dropped by 19.8% while Krathong made of natural  materials rose by 91.4%.

He said all the Krathong waste would be separated.

Krathong made of natural materials will be sent to Nong Kaem garbage disposal centre to make organic compost fertilizers, while those made of foams will be sent for recycling by the private sector

He said collection of Krathong floated in the Chao Phraya was conducted by 210 workers in 45 boats on a 34-kilometre long distance from Rama 7 bridge to Wat Yothinpradit in Bang Na district.

Nine trucks were used to transport the Krathong waste to Nong Kaem garbage disposal centre.