Opposition whips to impeach Senate speaker

Opposition chief whip Jurin Laksanavisit said he would call a meeting of opposition whips to consider petitioning the Constitution Court in their attempt to impeach the Senate speaker for his biased role in recent debate of constitutional amendments.

Jurin said the Senate Speaker Nikhom Wairatpanich did not stay neutral while taking the role of the parliament president in supervising the debate of the constitutional amendments.

He said the Senate speaker performed unfairly in allowing a vote of an article which several MPs were waiting for their turns to debate but were did not given the chance by the speaker. Besides he questioned the role of the government MPs in using majority vote in an unconstitutional manner to end the session.

Commenting on a group of government supporters rallying in front of a Constitution Court judge Wasant Soiphisut to pressure him, Jurin said he would like to call on the government to halt such behavior of these supporters to pressure the court judges.

A group of 40 senators also is meeting to discuss whether to petition the Constitution Court over the Senate speaker’s role during the debate of constitutional amendments as they considered such behavior of the speaker was tantamount to deprive the right to debate of the assemblymen.