One killed, one injured in separate wild elephant attacks in Rayong

Two separate incidents of wild elephant attack were reported in Khao Chamao and Wang Chan districts of Rayong this morning (Jan 2) with one man killed and another injured.

A 44-year-old motorcycle machanic was killed by a wild elephant believed to come from Khao Chamao-Khao Wong national park to search for food in a village in Tambon Huay Tap Mon.

Khao Chamao station police said the victim was identified as Supot Pilertlom. His body was found near a small bonfire near a house. There were many elephant footprints around the area.

Supot’s relatives said the man slept near the bonfire outside the house after a new year party on Monday’s night.

Sangwern Tuadhoi, a Kaman of Tambon Huay Tap Mon, told police there is a herd of about 40 wild elephants wandering for food nearby the edge of the Khao Chamao-Khao Wong national park since last week.

National park and local authorities have been on alert of possible human-elephant confrontation, he said.

In another wild elephant attack incident, Nguan Son, a 30-year-old Cambodian migrant worker was injured on both legs when he was crushed by a wild elephant early this morning in Wang Chan district.

Villagers in communities near the Khao Chamao-Khao Wong national park have earlier complained of wild elephants coming out to their plantations for food. They have asked for effective measures to safeguard them and their plantations from the wild elephants.