One killed and 30 elderly passengers injured in double decker’s accident

One people was killed and 30 elderly tourists from Bangkok were injured, one of them in serious condition, when a double-decker tour bus in which they were travelling on its way back to Bangkok flipped on one side after the driver lost control of the vehicle following brake failure.

The tour bus were in one of the three double deckers on a sight-seeing tour in Petchabun province which took all of them to Wat Pa Phu Tap Berk and Wat That Pa Sonkaew and spent one night at a resort in Khao Khor.

The elderly tourists were on their way back to Bangkok, but as the three double deckers were descending from the mountain, one of them developed brake failure and could not slow down.

However, the driver tried to control the bus until it climbed up an uphill road. As the bus lost its power and started to reverse, the driver tried to slow the vehicle down by squeezing one side it to the roadside barrier until it flipped on one side in the middle of the road at the Namchoon intersection, Lomsak district.

About 80 rescue workers were rushed to the scene to get the elderly passengers out of the bus. One seriously injured passenger was given a CPR at the scene before being sent to Lomsak district hospital along with about 20 other less injured passengers. Later, the seriously injured passenger was pronounced dead at the hospital.

One of the passengers, 72-year old Nopadol Jensilanukul, said the driver told the passengers to jettison as he tried to slow down the descending bus, but none heeded his word because they were all in panic.

Two bus assistants however jumped out and tried unsuccessfully to stop the bus with a wooden block.