One Air Force officer arrested in connection with 54 missing guns

The  police and military personnel are still investigating the missing of 54 guns and hunting for  accomplices after an Air Force  flight lieutenant was arrested in connection with the missing guns.

Deputy spokesman of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) Col Winthai Suwaree said all the 54 guns, mostly handguns, were weapons which military personnel had used to commit crimes with trials in the military court have been ruled and ended.

But these guns were kept by relevant military officers  pending any  reopening of cases if there were any new evidence, he said.

However they went missing during the pending of reopening  period, he said, and  dismissed earlier report that they are weapon which were seized during the suppression of war weapon ordered by the NCPO.

He said one Air Force  officer in charge,  Flight Lieutenant Chinapol Or-rungroj, had been arrested and one accomplice is being hunted.

Authorities are aso looking into the possibility of more personnel might be involved in the missing of these guns, he added.