Officials break open three safes seized from Victoria Secret massage parlour

Officials found wads of cash, documents, credit cards and keys inside three safes belonging to Victoria Secret massage parlor after they were broken open by locksmiths using safe drilling tools.

Director-general of the Department of Special Investigation Pol Col Paisit Wongmuang, Local Administration Department’s director of Investigation and Legal Affairs Office Mr Piriya Chanthadilok, officials from the Central Forensic Institute of the Justice Ministry, police and the media were present as witnesses when locksmiths used drilling tools to break open the three safes seized from Victoria Secrets massage parlor.

All the items found in the safes were checked and documented before they were handed over to the Local Administration Department for safe keeping to be used as evidence in the case against the massage parlor, its management and staff charged with human trafficking.

Pol Col Paisit said that DSI officials had to dig deep into the case to find more evidence to nail down those involved in the illegal activity in the massage parlour as well as government officials who were suspected of taking bribes from the massage parlor.

He added that officials from the Anti-Money Laundering Office and the Public Section Anti-Corruption Commission would check the money trail of the massage parlor.

Over 100 women, most of them from Myanmar, were found inside the massage parlor when the officials, spearheaded by the DSI, raided the premise last week. Several of them told the officials that they were required to work 12 days in a row without a break and were forced to sleep with three guests each day otherwise they would not be allowed to leave the premise.

The massage parlor manager and four other staff members were arrested and they are facing human trafficking charges.