Octopus Tagada machine collapses injuring 15 players at Red Cross Fair in Samut Prakarn

Fifteen people were injured when an arm of an Octopus amusement machine at the Thai Red Cross Fair in Samut Prakarn broke and fell on the ground.

The break caused the machine to lose balance and forced the remaining four arms to collapse to the ground.

All the people on the seats in the five arms of the Octopus Tagada machine suffered injuries, one of them broken leg bones.

All were rushed to Samut Prakarn hospital.

Samut Prakarn police said one arm of the Octapus broke and fell to the ground,causing for other arms to collapse after losing balance.

The incident happened as the Octopus machine was fully seated by players.

Nobody was killed, but they suffered injuries from bruises to broken bones.

The operator of the machine Anuchit Jaitiengtham said he inspected the readiness and safety of the machine before giving service.

But as the machine was spinning, one if it’s five arms broke and fell to the ground. The break of one arm forced the remaining arms with almost seats fully occupied with players to collapse.

Mr Somdej Radamee, 60, the owner of the machine and the operator were booked for questioning. They were initially charged for reckless operation that caused injuries to others.