NRC members urged to prepare statements about their votes on draft charter

Members of the National Reform Council were urged to prepare their personal statements explaining their reasons for their votes in support of or against the modified draft constitution tentatively scheduled on September 7.

Mr Suriyasai Takasila, vice dean of Social Innovation College of Rangsit University and director of Thailand Reform Institute, said Sunday reform process by the NRC had arrived at a point where voting to accept or reject the draft charter was due to take place on September 7 and the public had high expectations from the NRC to drive the reforms.

Since the vote marks a milestone in the reform process, he suggested that members of the NRC make their personal statements to explain to the public about why they would have to vote for or against the draft charter.

Even the vote is open, Mr Suriyasai noted that some NRC noted that it was possible that some of them might be lobbied or pressured to vote against their will. But the vote will be graceful, if they explain the reasons of their voting, he said.

He equated his suggestion for NRC to prepare statements to the practice of the Constitution Court requiring every individual judge to make their individual judgement as well as the common judgement so that the public can examine the origin of the common judgement.