Non-alcoholic beverages to be taxed

The Excise Department will propose the government to levy tax on non-alcoholic beverages in its attempt to generate more revenue to the state after its excise tax  collection fell below target.

Somchai Poonsawat, the director-general of the Excise Department, said that he would propose the collection of excise tax on non-alcoholic beverages through the re-regulation of raw materials from nature used in the mixture of  the beverages.

He said the current 10% tax on such beverages might be increased to 30-50%. For example tax on green tea beverage which is exempted from tax might face a  10% tax which will generate additional two billion baht more to 5-6 billion baht a year

Meanwhile he said that the Excise Department would also send officials to inspect tourist spots in the country after the cabinet has banned the import of Baraku water-pipe smoking equipment and Baraku tobacco into the country.

He said 6,400 tons of such equipment and Baraku tobacco has been seized since the ban.

He also said that the department would step up check during the upcoming New Year festival, particularly at the border checkpoints.