No imminent tropical storms approaching the country — official weatherman says

The Meteorological Department on Thursday (Oct 12) reaffirmed the public of no imminent threat of more flooding from three tropical storms expected to hit the country within the next 1-2 weeks.

The affirmation came after a report of three imminent tropical storms to hit the country in October is widely spread on the social media after some weather experts forecast from their own simulations.

The department said it’s own weather simulations have confirmed no tropical storms approaching during the period, but just low pressure trough blanketing Myanmar which has an impact on the South of Thailand.

It said the South will be affected only by the southwesterly monsoon wind.

Weather simulations by the department showed no tropical storms in the Bengal Bay and the Andaman Sea during October 12-14.

It went on saying that the Central, East, Bangkok and perimetres will have more rain during October 15-17 from the passing monsoon wind that will see flooding in low-lying areas which are already submerged.

But the department said it’s latest information showed possible tropical storm in South China Sea approaching upper Vietnam. However the storm is expected to weaken fast as the period will also see high pressure wind from China blowing down to Vietnam. Therefore the storm will have no direct impact on Thailand.

The Meteorological Department said no weather centre could forecast accurately from its weather simulations but it will serve as a sign for meteorologist to monitor the weather change closely.

It then asked the public not to be panic and follow weather forecast only from certified weather bureau.