NLA overwhelmingly pass NACC bill without Section 37/1

The National Legislative Assembly on Monday overwhelming endorsed the National Anti-Corruption Commission bill, which will enable the incumbent anti-corruption commissioners to stay on to fulfil their term in office.

The incumbent anti-corruption commissioners were appointed to their posts before the enforcement of the new Constitution.

The NACC bill was endorsed by 198 votes against one objection and seven abstentions.

The bill will now be forwarded to the Constitution Drafting Committee and the NACC for joint consideration to determine whether amendments to the bill by the National Legislative Assembly are constitutional or not.

In case, both the CDC and the NACC agree that the amendments are constitutional, the NACC bill will not be returned to the NLA, but promulgated to become law.

The amendments involve Section 37/1 which was completely deleted from the original bill. The amendments specify that NACC officials can seek permission from the director-general of Anti-Corruption Criminal Court to carry out wiretapping of individuals to gain information about corruption.

The amendments came under heavy criticism of several NLA members during the debate last Friday, prompting Pol Gen Chatchaval Suksomchit, chairman of the NLA’s scrutiny committee, to withdraw the controversial Section 37/1.