NLA and NRSA to meet separately to debate on draft charter

The National Legislative Assembly will meet this Friday to debate on the draft Constitution.

Mr Thaweesak Sutthakavathin, vice chairman of the NLA’s committee to study, recommend and collect opinions regarding the draft charter, said on Monday that, personally, he found the overall content of the draft acceptable with the exception of some issues which need to be reviewed.

For instance, he said that the mixed member proportional representation system is too complicated to understand and to explain to the public. He suggested that a less complicated and easily understandable system should be used instead.

He also voiced his disagreement with the proposal in the draft charter calling for each party to nominate three candidates for the premiership’s post saying that the proposal is too complicated.

He pointed out that the parliament is capable of doing its job in picking the prime minister and, therefore, there is no need for parties to nominate their candidates for the prime minister’s post in advance.

Meanwhile, the National Reform Steering Assembly will meet on February 8-9 to allow its members to debate on the draft charter.

But NRSA secretary Kamnoon Sitthisamarn said that he was not sure that the assembly could submit its report about the draft charter in the form of resolutions as wanted by the CDC or in the form of recommendations.

He, however, said that the NRSA whips would meet on Thursday to decide on the matter.

Both the NLA and the NRSA are required to separately submit their reports to the CDC within February 15.