Niwatthamrong says farmers will be paid this month‏

Commerce Minister Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisan assured today that farmers who sold their rice to government under the rice pledging scheme will get money within this month.

He said farmers would receive money surely this month, adding that there are only certain groups of farmers who still were not paid.

He said the Finance Ministry has the duty to find money for the rice payments while the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives was escalating the payment of money to farmers.

The caretaker commerce minister said the government was also consulting the Election Commission on the rice sales in the government’s rice stockpiles.
He said the rice sale would be a short-term sales and would have no obligation to the new government.

Meanwhile Mr Vichien Puanglamchiak, president of the Farmers and Thai Agriculture Association, called on the caretaker government to continue implementing the rice pledging scheme saying it benefits the farmers.

He said that the BAAC is now gradually paying money to farmers.

He assured that farmers would not take part in the protest against the government over the delayed payment with confidence that the government could keep its promise to pay farmers this month.

Earlier the deputy commerce minister Yanyong Puangrat promised rice payment would begin January 15.