Nitrogen cylinder containing frozen human semen sent to Khon Kaen hospital for examination

The nitrogen cylinder containing six vials of frozen human semen has been sent to Khon Kaen hospital for examination to determine whether the specimens were sperms, eggs or embryos, said Dr Chatchaval Riththiti, deputy health chief of Nong Khai, on Friday.

The nitrogen cylinder which was confiscated from 25-year old Mr Nithinon Srithaniyanan at a border checkpoint on the Thai-Lao friendship bridge in Nong Khai by customs officials had been handed over to the provincial health office.

Dr Chatchaval said if it could be verified that the specimens in the six vials were sperm, eggs or embryos, the Nong Khai health office would file charge with the police against Mr Nithinon.

Health officials are suspicious that the planned delivery of the frozen specimens contained in the nitrogen cylinder could be used for surrogacy in Laos.

Mr Nimit Saeng-ampai, Nong Khai customs chief, said Nithinon asked to have the legal proceeding to be dropped and would face a fine of 200,000 baht.