Nine suspects questioned by the CSD for allegedly having sex with a 15-year old girl

Nine men, including a local administration official, were on Wednesday taken from Ayutthaya province to the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok for interrogation in connection with a sex trade case involving a 15-year old girl.

Pol Col Arun Wachirasrisukanya, superintendent of 2nd subdivision of the CSD, said that some of the nine accused confessed that they bought sex with the victim via application Line or phone with her aunt.

The rest however claimed they didn’t know the girl was underaged, said the officer, however, adding that all of them would face rape and molestation charges as well as the charge of depriving a minor from her guardian.

Altogether 14 men were wanted by the police for having sex with the girl. Five at still at large, including a police lieutenant in Ayutthaya.

Pol Col Arun said the CSD was coordinating with the police lieutenant’s superior to persuade the officer in question to turn himself in for interrogation.