Nikhom urges lawmakers to abide by regulations

Senate speaker Nikhom Wairatpanich today urged lawmakers to abide by the meeting regulation at today’s debate of Article 7 of the Constitution.

He expected no problem to be arisen from the debate as it would focus only on two issues.

However if it was a political game, then same situation could return with repeated issues being talked. In such case, he said he would not allow every  lawmaker   to debate as this would become a norm for the next meeting.

He said that the Parliament has already spent 8-9 days on the  amendment charter.

Concerning an incident last week when the Parliament police have to be called in to keep peace and order, the Senate speaker said he was sympathetic with both the police and the lawmakers.

He said he disagreed with the use of force  and  recalled last week’s disturbance in Parliament last week was merely to call in police to invite the troubled lawmaker to leave the meeting for a while to  calm himself, adding that at the next meeting, he would like lawmakers to adhere to the meeting regulations.