Nida Poll: Most Thais agree with same sex marriage

Most Thai people have no objection if same sex marriage is to be legalized, according to Nida Poll.

Nida Poll of the National Institute of Development Administration conducted an opinion on the subject of “How the Thai society thinks about the 3rd sex?” on 1,250 samples during July 1-2.

The pollster asked three questions: How do you think if your colleague is a gay or a lesbian?  How do you think if a member of your family is a gay or a lesbian?  How do you think if same sex marriage is legalized?

The answers to the three questions are as follows: 88.72 percent said they can accept if their colleagues are gay while 10 percent said they could not accept; 79.92 percent said they didn’t mind if a member of their families was gay while 16.80 percent said they did mind and could not accept; 59.20 percent said they had no objection to legalization of same sex marriage while 35.4 percent disagreed.