New Year’s road accident death toll rises to 239 in four days

The New Year’s road accident death toll rose to 239 and 2,500 injuries on the fourth day of the seven-day safety driving campaign.

Only in a single day yesterday (Dec 31), 65 people were killed and 714 were injured in 678 traffic incidents, according to the Road Safety Centre.

The “7 Dangerous Day” road safety campaign was launched from Dec 28 until Jan 3.

As of yesterday, a total of 2,380 traffic cases throughout the country were reported with 239 deaths and 2,500 injuries.

Drink driving is still the main cause of fatal accidents, following by speeding, mostly on secondary roads around New Year countdown celebration venues.

The centre said authorities have tightened control on celebration venues to ban selling alcohol to youths 20 years old. Violator will be arrested and prosecuted if they sell alcohol underaged youths.