A new type of venomous snake found in Nan province

Brown spotted pit viper, a kind of venomous snake, has been found in the northern province of Nan, according to a report to the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute under the Thai Red Cross Society.

With a scientific name of protobothrops mucrosquamatus, it is high on the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s list of poisonous snakes in the Protobothrops spp group, usually indigenous to Taiwan and China.

The snake was the first to have been found in Thailand.  When a man a man went into a forest in Nan province to forage for wild food, he was bitten by it.  The man beat the snake to death and brought the carcass with him to Nan Hospital.

However, the man showed no unusual symptoms.  It was believed the snake had not discharged its venom into the wound.  The man was not hurt by the bite and released from the hospital.

Doctors at the hospital examined the carcass and found it to be unfamiliar, although it looks similar to several local venomous snakes including rattlesnake and viper.  The carcass was sent to the poison centre of Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok for further examination.

According to the Queen Saovabha Institute, the discovery of another kind of poisonous snake serves as a warning to the public of possible danger from it.

A full report on the snake can be downloaded for study from this link: https://life.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/thn/article/view/335.