New charter provision to prevent government from wasteful spendings

The Constitution Drafting Committee has incorporated a provision in the draft charter which will make it compulsory for the government to strictly observe fiscal and financial disciplines.

CDC spokesman Udom Rathamarit said that the inclusion of the provision, the first ever to be introduced into a constitution, means that the government, when undertaking a project in the future, must take into consideration where the needed budget will come from and how the budget is to be spent and the risks involved with the project.

The state, said Mr Udom, will be duty-bound to educate the public about the threats or dangers of corruption and to put into place mechanisms to prevent graft.

He explained that the CDC had decided not to make Buddhism the national religion for fear that it may hurt the feelings of non-Buddhists. However, the CDC has incorporated a provision declaring all religions under legal protection in Thailand.