NBTC asks AIC to block illegal posts

In a renewed attempt to block posts on the social media which are deemed illegal and improper following the failure to convince Facebook to do so, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Communication has sought cooperation from Asia Internet Coalition.

Representatives of Singapore-based AIC headed by Jeff Penn, director of the coalition, called on NBTC secretary-general Thakorn Tanthasit during which they discussed the Thai government’s request for cooperation from the AIC to help block posts that the Thai court ruled as illegal or improper.

Thakorn said he clarified to the AIC delegates that the Thai government had no intention whatsoever to block the social media but only certain posts or contents that the Thai court has ruled as illegal or improper such as pornographic content or gambling.

Thakorn said the AIC promised to convey the Thai government’s concern to its social media members which include Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Apple, Linked in and Rakuten.

So far, the NBTC and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society have close altogether 6,900 improper URLs. They has asked Facebook to block 34 URLs, but Facebook is yet to receive court warrants before taking any action.