Nationalist group submits a name list of people supporting Buddhism to be made national religion

A group of Buddhist nationalists submitted to the Constitution Drafting Committee a name list of 100,000 people whom they claimed have supported their call for Buddhism to be enshrined in the constitution as national religion.

Led by Pol Maj-Gen Rungroj Pekanant, president of the World Peace Association, the group claimed to represent the Buddhism Protection Group and monks throughout the country.

Pol Maj-Gen Rungroj said the group had been campaigning for the past ten years for Buddhism to be incorporated in the charter as national religion and now wanted the CDC which is now at the final stage of rewriting the charter draft to respond to their demand.

Since 90 percent of the population in Thailand are Buddhists, he claimed that the charter draft would receive overwhelming support when it is put for a referendum if Buddhism is made the national religion in the constitution.

CDC vice chairman Supote Khaimook who received the name list from the group said that the group’s demand is a sensitive issue and should be considered with great care bearing in mind public peace and order.