Nation celebrates Loy Krathong quietly

The whole nation celebrated the Loy Krathong festival last night quietly with no entertainment actvities but lighting candles in remembrance of the passing of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

As the Loy Krathong celebration coincided with the Super Moon phenomenon, Loy Krathong celebrants then took the opportunity to watch the event as they floated the Krathong on the water.

In Chiang Mai, the Loy Krathong or locally known as the Yi Peng, local authorities have canceled all entertainment activities this year to honour the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol.


But celebrants flocked to the banks of the Ping River to float their kratongs since early  evening.

Krathong floats mostly made from banana leaves and decorated with fresh flowers and incense sticks were floated into the river to ask for forgiveness from the River Godness or Phra Mae Kong Ka.

They floated the Kratongs in remembrance of His late Majesty King Bhumibol.

Apart from celebrating the Loy Kratong festival, they sat along the banks of the Ping River to witness the Supermoon, another long awaited activity, as the spot provided the best view of the phenomenon.

The moon shone brighter than usual last night despite the disruptions from the city lights.

In Mukdahan, a number of Thai and Lao people flocked to the Pu Phaya Nak Shrine under the Second Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge to float their krathongs.

In order to allow the public to celebrate Loy Krathong Day while also preserving the environment, the shrine this year offered them lotus flowers for use as krathong floats since the flowers could easily decompose.


During the activity, most participants were seen donning black and white in mourning for the death of the beloved King.

Meanwhile the National News Bureau of Thailand reported that at the Regional Irrigation Office 13 at the Mae Klong Dam in Tha Muang district, Kanchanaburi province, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Agriculture and Cooperatives Lertviroj Kowattana led more than 10,000 people, including civil servants and public members, to sign the book of condolences for King Bhumibol Adulyadej. They also joined in a praying session, sang the royal anthem and held a candlelight vigil in remembrance of the late King’s benevolence before releasing their krathong floats onto the Mae Klong Dam to observe Loy Krathong Day.

Meanwhile, in Prachin Buri province, Governor Suriya Amornrotworwut hosted a simple Buddhist ceremony to mark Loy Krathong Day and to pay tribute to His Majesty. Accompanied by his deputy, the head of the Provincial Red Cross Chapter and other officials, the Governor attended the funeral chanting for the late King by a chapter of monks before all proceeded to the nearby Prachin Buri River to release their krathong floats.