NACC invites Constitutional Court to testify

The National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC) today invited Constitutional Court judges to testify in cases related to amendments to the Constitution involving the composition of the Senate.

The judges will testify to the NACC’s inquiry panel on eight cases which were lodged with the NACC against a total of 383 lawmakers for their passage of the amendment.

Earlier the NACC received five complaint cases against 312 lawmakers, but three more cases with same charges were lodged.

The NACC later combined all the cases into one case for inquiry with total 383 lawmakers to face inquiry.

A NACC commissioner Prasart Pongsivapai said earlier that the NACC board chairman Parnthep Klanarongran has advised officials to formally notify all the accused 383 lawmakers for questioning of their roles.

They are required to testify within 15 days of receiving the notification from the NACC.

Petitioners of all the eight cases will be invited to testify. They included Democrat party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva, Jurin Laksanavisit, Thavorn Senniem, Wanchai Sornsiri, and also the secretary-general of the House of Representatives Mr Suvichak Narkwatchara.

Mr Prasart said all the 383 accused lawmakers would be allowed to defend themselves but the NACC would cut short unnecessary procedure in the inquiry process so as to conclude the cases as soon as possible.

But he declined to confirm if the inquiry could finish before the scheduled general election on February 2, but promised to ensure justice for all accused.

After finishing the inquiry and there were strong evidence of malfeasance, then the NACC would file report to the Senate Speaker to pass it on to the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division  for Holders of Political Positions to make judgment.