NACC asked to put off indicting 381 lawmakers

The Pheu Thai party will ask the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to put off its plan on Tuesday to indict 381 senators and MPs on charges of abuse of their authority for their role in endorsing charter amendment to change the composition of the Senate.

Mr Peeraphan Palusuk, caretaker Science and Technology Minister and a legal advisor of the Pheu Thai party, on Monday accused the NACC of not being fair for rushing the investigation. He noted that the NACC questioned only six witnesses and decided to wrap up the case so that indictment could be lodged despite the fact that 381 lawmakers are facing the charges.

Peeraphan also pointed out at the legal discrepancy, saying that the lawmakers were faulted for breaching the Constitution but were charged with violating the anti-corruption law. Also, the lawmakers are not the authorities according to the Article 157 of the Criminal Code, but they were charged with offending Article 157 anyway, he said.

The minister said that if the 381 were indicted on Tuesday as earlier planned, the party that would benefit from this act would be the People’s Democratic Reform Committee which will bring the issue to the attention of the protesters.

He warned that if the NACC proceeded with indicting all the lawmakers as planned, he would consider taking the graft busters to the court for abuse of authority.