Mysterious tube on Nai Yang beach is a WW II torpedo

A mysterious metal tube spotted on Tuesday (Oct 3) in the tidal sands of Sirinat National Park in Phuket is confirmed to be a second World War torpedo.

But it remains unclear if it is an air-dropped torpedo or marine torpedo.

The object was confirmed as torpedo after a team of naval ordnance disposal personnel from the Third Naval Fleet inspected it yesterday.

The torpedo is 4.56 metres long and 150 centimetres in diameter.

Team leader Lt Tanakrit Jaemjit said he still could not confirm if it is an airborne torpedo or ship torpedo because it is very old and is covered in rust and barnacles.

The torpedo is not a weapon in use in the Thai military but believed used in the WW II. But it remains live and dangerous, he said.

He said the team would remove the torpedo to safer place for disposal in deep sea.

Earlier local people said they believed the area where the bomb was spotted was an old airfield and during the WW II, bombs were dropped from airplanes. Local people had also found traces of old bomb craters and this might be a relics of the bombs in the war.