MRT probes the fall of a lifting frame

Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority (MRT) has launched an investigation to determine how a lifting frame at the construction site of the electric train project fell on two cars and whether the contractor has strictly complied with safety standard.

Two cars on in-bound Pahonyothin road near Ratchayothin intersection were damaged and, luckily, the drivers of both cars escaped unhurt. The accident took place at about 3.30 pm.

Italian-Thai Development Company which is responsible for the construction of the rail project has agreed to compensate the owners of the two cars. The company immediately sent team to the scene of the accident to remove the lifting frame and the two damaged cars to facilitate traffic flow.

MRT said that if it was discovered that the contractor was careless, it would impose penalty on the contractor and order it to tighten up safety measures to ensure that there is no repeat of such incident.