MRT expects to sign contract with BEM to operate Blue Line extensions in March

Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority (MRT) is hopeful that it will be able to sign a contract with Bangkok Expressway and Metro Plc (BEM) for the latter to operate Blue Line extensions from Hua Lampong to Bang Khae and from Bang Sue to Tha Phra covering a total distance of 26.9 kilometres within this month.

MRT governor Pirayuth Singpattanakul said on Wednesday that the matter was expected to be considered by the cabinet next week or the week after next after which MRT can sign a contract with BEM, the private transiportation operator, to operate the Blue Line extensions.

He added that the Purple Line between Tao Poon and Ratburana and the Blue Line between Bang Khae and Buddha Monthon 4 worth together 21 billion baht in investment costs would not be ready for cabinet’s consideration this month as originally planned because the project was being studied by the National Economic and Social Development Board, but it will be ready to be considered by the cabinet in April.

Next to be considered by the cabinet in May are the 9.8 billion baht Northern Green Line train project between Khu Kod and Lam Lookka and the 12 billion baht Southern Green Line project from Samut Prakan to Bang Poo.

The last train project to be deliberated by the cabinet is the Western Orange Line project from the National Cultural Centre to Taling Chan covering a distance of 16.4 kilometres.

The project costs an estimated 123 billion baht.