Mountain peak destinations in North packed with tourists curious to experience flower frosts

As temperatures in the country's northern and northeastern regions are going to drop further as a new round of cold spell  from China is expected to arrive and  blankets the regions, weekend travellers to mountain peak destinations are expected to rise in anticipating of experiencing the flower frosts.

Famous mountain peaks most popular to experience the natural beauty of flower frosts on grasses and tree leaves and sea of mountain fog include Doi Inthanon and Doi Angkhang in Chiang Mai.

But park officials cautioned drivers to drive carefully on mountain roads as visibility is poor due to the heavy fog, with some locations it could be visible only less than 10 metres.

Park officials said large number of tourists continued to visit Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai province to enjoy the cold weather, as the temperature measured above the grass has reached as low as minus 2 degrees Celsius.

The freezing temperatures has caused frosts over the entire ground of the park, exciting and bringing extreme pleasure to visitors and tourists who have braved the cold to experience nature’s beauty.

The Northern Region Meteorological Centre has reported that the region would remain to see thick sea fogs and cold weather until the end of the week.

Meanwhile Doi Angkhang mountain in Fang district of Chiang Mai is also seeing similar picturesque scene, as frosts were seen covering all over the areas at park office, grounds, roofs, and car windshields, as the temperature has dropped by another 3-4 degrees Celsius.

Phu Hin Rongkhla national park in Phitsanulok province is also another popular hilltop destination to experience the sea of fog and winter flowers.

Tourists were ecstatic at the cold weather and enjoying frosts on the grounds and tress, as temperatures in some areas were measured below 10 degrees Celsius.