More Thais travel by planes than buses and trains during Songkran

The recent Songkran festival has encouraged more than 10 million Thais to journey from homes to celebrate the Thai traditional New Year, with over a million travelling overseas.

Air travel was chosen by Thais more than buses and trains.

This was revealed by the Ministry of Transport yesterday after a survey of Thai travelers using public transportation during the Songkran festival.

The survey found that 10.5 million Thais travelled from homes to tourist destinations in the country and abroad to celebrate the long Songkran festival, an increase of 3.42% from the Songkran festival last year, or 3.69% increase from the 2015 New Year festival.

It said air travels by Thais came top with 1.941 million travelers, followed by 1.75 million on public buses, and 1.1 million on trains.

Of the 10.5 million Thai travelers, 45.54% or 4.79 million traveled in the country and overseas, and 54.45% or 5.73 million traveled in Bangkok.

Among those travelling by planes, over a million travel overseas.

The Transport Ministry says it is well prepared to deal with influx and exodus of holiday revelers in the upcoming long holiday from May 1-5 and it is confident that there will be no transport-related problem during the period.

 It also said during the Songkran festival from April 9-19, 316 people were killed and 1,894 were injured in road mishaps on its highway networks, am increase of 14.49% from  the last Songkran festival.

Over speeding, jumping red lights, drunk driving were main causes of all mishaps while motorcycles ate the vehicles which were engaged in most fatal accidents.