Monk wants an institute to monitor politicians

A former core leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PRC) has proposed to the National Legislative Assembly an idea that a national institute be established to regulate and monitor the behavior and ethical conduct of politicians.

The above idea was contained in a letter submitted to NLA president Pornpetch Wichitcholachai this morning by Phra Buddha Isara, abbot of Wat Or Noi in Nakhon Pathom who played a crucial role in the protests against Ms Yingluck government last and early this year.

The monk said that he would like the NLA to draft a bill to set up the national political institute to regulate and monitor the conduct of politicians with the authority to suspend the activities of any politician once there is a complaint against him or her.

He went on saying that there should be a law making corruption cases ungoverned by the statute of limitations  meaning that the cases will never expire and can always be brought against the corrupt politicians.

A summary report and suggestions from the public hearings on energy policy was also submitted to the NLA president by the monk.

(Photo : Thai PBS File)