Ministry issues instructions for disabled people on Royal Cremation days

The Social Development and Human Security Ministry today (Oct 16) advised disabled people wishing to attend the Royal Cremation ceremonies to do so at royal crematorium replicas near their homes or places for their convenience.

In a statement issued Monday on guidelines for the disabled people wishing to come to place sandalwood flowers (Dok Mai chan) at the Royal Crematorium at Sanam Luang in Bangkok, the ministry advised them to place flowers at replicas of the Royal Crematorium near their places or homes as it is more convenient for than coming to the ceremonial site at Sanam Luang.

It said influx of people is anticipated on the royal funeral day, and it will be inconvenient for disabled people to attend.

However for disabled people who still can help themselves, the ministry advised that they must be accompanied by their carers to facilitate them for their convenience.

It said the ministry has a replica of the Royal Crematorium inside it’s compound for disabled people to place sandalwood flowers. The place has facilities to service the disabled people such as toilets and wheelchair paths.

It said in case of disabled people are among the huge crowd of people attending the royal cremation, authorities will escort them to the closest service areas or medical care areas for talk and understanding.