Military prosecution drops lese majeste charge against Sulak Sivaraksa

The military prosecutor decided on Wednesday (Jan 17) not to prosecute 85-year-old prominent scholar Sulak Sivaraksa on lese majeste charge for lack of substantial evidences.

The scholar faced two charges accused by Chanasongkram police for violating Section 112 of the Criminal Code and the Computer Crime Act over a remark he made during a seminar at Thammasat University on June 5, 2014, concerning the battle between King Naresuan and a Burmese Prince.

Military prosecutor Maj Gen Cherdchai Angsusing told Mr Sulak that the prosecutor decided to drop the charge due to insufficient evidence.

The military prosecutor would forward the decision to Chanasongkram police to formally inform Mr Sulak.

Today’s decision has been postponed from Dec 7 last year after Mr Sulak wrote to the prosecutor in charge of the case to consult historians and legal experts before the decision is made because this case is important as it concerns academic community and history and the prosecutors accepted his proposal.

“One must have a very good sense of humour. If you can not criticize history, how could you be a human being.  I criticized what happened 500 years ago. If that is wrong then how could you be a human being,” he told reporters on Dec 7.