Military to probe overseas field trip to Europe

A fact-finding committee is to be set up at the order of Supreme Commander General Surapong Suwan-ath to investigate the overseas field trip to Europe of the students of the General Staff College.

The probe panel will be headed by Air Chief Marshal Sutthipan Krisanakupt who has been instructed to come up with a report within 7-10 days.

While insisting that overseas field trips are useful for military officers and are a standard practice of general staff students of many armies throughout the country, General Surapong said Thursday that Thailand is not a rich country and hence the need to scale down the trips.

He indicated that, in the future, the field trips abroad should be confined to the Asean region and Asia such as China, South Korea and Japan.

General Surapong explained that, during the overseas field trips, students were not allowed to take pictures of military installations or equipments they visited and saw because they were regarded as confidential.

For that matter, only pictures showing visitors resting or sightseeing were shown, he said, hoping that the public should understand.