Military court hands down 30 years jailterm on lese majeste offender

A Kanchanaburi-based tour company’s agent was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment on charges of lese majeste and computer law violations by the military court.

The defendant, 48-year old Mr Pongsak Sriboonpeng, was arrested by police on December 30 last year after he posted messages deemed to be offending the Monarchy in his Facebook page, named Sam Parr, four times in September, 2013 and twice in November last year.

Accompanied by his lawyer, Mr Pongsak was taken to the military court on Friday and the court read out the lese majeste and computer crime charges against him. Mr Pongsak pleaded guilty to the charges and was given 10-year jailterm for each of the six counts of offence totaling 60 years.

But because of his confession, the court halved the sentence to 30 years.

Prior to the court’s delivering of the verdict, the defendant’s lawyer asked for permission for the court to allow observers to witness the trial but it was rejected by the court claiming that the case was related to security.