Metropolitan police to summon 20 models and net idols for promoting online soccer gambling

Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) will summon 20 models and Internet idols for luring football fans to place bets on World Cup soccer matches on Monday.

At a press conference to reveal police action against soccer gamblers yesterday, MPB deputy commissioner Pol Lt Gen Phanurat Lakbun, also head of the soccer betting suppression task force, said since the commencement of World Cup 2018, they have seized 27 million baht in bets from nearly 2,000 gamblers and were preparing to summon 20 models and Internet idols for luring football fans to place bets on matches.

Thus far, he said the police have brought charges upon 15 models and Internet idols for violation of section 12 of the Gambling Act that forbids a promotion of gambling.

Eleven among them had been sentenced by the court to one-month jail terms, fined 1,000 Baht. However, the jail term was suspended for one year.

He went on to reveal that the police have made a petition for a second batch of warrants to summon 4 more Pretties and net idols.

Furthermore, he said on June 25, a further 20 models and internet idols will be summoned for similar charges.

The deputy superintendent confirmed that this is not the last of the models and internet idols that will be summoned as investigators have discovered as many as a hundred women involved in actively luring football fans to place bets on matches.

From June 14-20, the metropolitan police have successfully arrested 484 bookies, chit runners and bettors and have seized 60,000 baht in cash.

Overall, 200,000 baht in bets have been confiscated along with 17 bank accounts containing more than 300,000 Baht.

In conclusion, since May 1, the Metropolitan Police have found 1,970 people involved in football betting and have seized more than 200,000 baht in cash and almost 27 million baht in numerous bank accounts. Cumulatively, the number of bets on seized betting chits amounted to over 600,000baht.