Meechai defends new electoral system as fair

Constitution Drafting Committee chairman Meechai Ruchupan has defended the single-ballot for the election of constituency and party list MPs as fair and respectful to every vote casted by the voters.

In light of criticism against the proposed electoral system especially by the Pheu Thai party, he insisted that the system was not intended to be biased against or beneficial to any particular parties but to ensure that every vote counts and should not be wasted.

He said the CDC considered the proposed electoral system as a reconciliatory move to allocate all the votes to the unsuccessful parties.

Regarding the criticism that the proposed system has never been used in any country, Mr Meechai defended that Thai people have their own brains to devise a system which is suitable for the Thai political context.

“Studying abroad does not mean that we have to copy everything from their textbooks. We learn from the textbooks but we have to adapt to fit in with our context. If we want to use the world as a model, then we should ask is there any government in this world that public announced that any province or region which did not vote for the ruling party would not be allocated with budget,” said Mr Meechai.

He advised parties contesting the next election to field their best candidates to contest the constituency MP election with the hope that they will gain more votes from the voters, although not elected, so that the votes won can be used later on for allocation of party list seats.

The CDC, said Mr Meechai, has never thought that the proposed electoral system would undermine the next government.