Meechai confirms NCPO’s proposal will be decided by CDC today

The Constitution Drafting Committee is expected to decide today (Tuesday) on the controversial proposal of the National Council for Peace and Order for the amendments of charter draft, said CDC chairman Meechai Ruchupan this afternoon.

He, however, said that the CDC spokesman would give a press conference after the CDC’s meeting today after which the completed charter draft will be submitted to the government on March 29.

Mr Meechai disclosed that CDC members debated on the proposal expressing their respective views which do not differ much from one another. He said that there would be no vote by CDC members and the only time they voted was to choose whether their meeting outside the parliament should be a seaside resort or a mountain resort.

The CDC chairman dismissed press report of conflict within the CDC over the military junta’s proposal as pure imagination of the media. He said he wondered whether some media had taken orders from someone to present distorted reports.

He admitted there is still widespread misunderstanding about the issues of rights and liberties in the charter draft. He said the CDC had not ignored the issues but, sometimes, it had not told the public about what it had done.