Massive manhunt for Big C Pattani bombers continue today

Massive manhunt for a group of southern militants responsible for the Big C Pattani bombings that left over 60 innocent civilians injured continued today with security authorities now being able to identify one of them.

Identified as a suspect in the bombing was Makorseng Ma-ae, 25. Arrest warrant was later​ issued.

Makorseng was the pillion rider of a motorcycle which came to pick him up to escape after parking a stolen pickup truck in front of the entrance to Big C supercentre before the truck exploded in flames.

Over 60 shoppers and passers-by​ were injured, and 15 motorcycles and 20 cars damaged.

One of the three seriously injured is a five year-old child.

Closed-circuit cameras at Big C were able to capture the images of two men who drove a pickup truck with Bor Jor 3303 Pattani registration plates into the Pattani Big C supercentre’s car park. The driver was seen to have lowered his window only fractionally and produce an ID card belonging to Nuson Kajornkam whose vehicle was stolen by the perpetrators and used in the bombings.

Nuson is still unaccounted for, believed either slain or abducted. The pickup truck is believed to have contained 2 cooking gas tanks of 80 and 30 kg sizes which were packed with explosive material and concealed in the vehicle.

The pickup truck was parked in front of the entrance into the shopping mall after which the two men exited the vehicle and walked away. They were shortly later picked up by two men who arrived on motorcycles.

One pillion rider was dressed in black shirt and later identified as Makorseng.

Security officials said Makorseng is also wanted for three other bombings in Pattani – in front of Pattani Central Mosque on January 5 this year, at a noodle shop in Pattani night market on October 25, 2006.

Security officials believed there are more than four persons responsible for Big C bombings.