Mass anti-government protest on Sunday

Another mass demonstration will be staged this coming Sunday in Bangkok by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee to put pressure on caretaker prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra to step aside.

Addressing a crowd or protesters at the Democracy Monument Tuesday night, PDRC secretary-general said Ms Yingluck’s announcement Tuesday that she would never quit her job amounted to an intentional challenge to the people across the country. 

“When she made the challenge, we have to accept it.  The PDRC therefore resolved to expel her from all her posts in Thailand.  We will chase her out everyday until she is out and we have scheduled a mass demonstration on December 22 to expel her,” said Suthep.

For southerners who will travel to Bangkok to join this Sunday mass protest, Suthep asked members of the provincial administration organizations in all southern provinces to provide conveniences to the travelers and to take photos or to film the police if they try to block the travelers with tyre-puncturing spikes.

Before the D-Day on Sunday, the protest leader said he would lead a protest march in Bangkok on Thursday and Friday through several roads in Bangkok to encourage Bangkokians to join the Sunday demonstration.

“After the December 22 D-Day, if she (Yingluck) still refuses to quit, we will chase her out non-stop.  We won’t be tired, born to walk and born to chase.  We won’t stop until we win,” said Suthep.