Mario Maurer in traffic quarrel with taxi driver

Phaya Thai police yesterday (Jan 8) charged a taxi driver for assault and for damaging other’s property after he engaged in a traffic quarrel with an actor.

The taxi driver, Udon Suthising, 37, will still face assault and property damaging charges although his disputed party, Mario Maurer, 29, would not lodge complaint after both had traffic quarrel on the street, said Pol Col Nitiwat Sansing, superintendent at Phaya Thai police station.

Both were brought to the station for compromise after having a traffic quarrel which broke out when the actor cut off his way while driving on New Phetburi road.

The taxi driver said he was angry and slided down the windshield scolding him, sparking a road rage.

He later pulled a slingshot and fired at the rival’s through the windshield.

The shot smashed his car left windshield and the right windshield of the actor’s Porsche Carrera 2 sports car. Both later came out of their cars and engaged in heated argument at Pratunam intersection amid eyes of several passers-by.

Both were later brought to the police station for negotiation over property damages.

Pol Col Nitiwat said the police would also ask the Department of Land Transport to suspend Mr Udon’s driving licence as police feared he might assault others in future traffic quarrel.

But it depended on the department’s judgement, he said.

Both Mario and the taxi driver shook hand after ending the dispute with the actor agreed not to demand compensation for the broken windshield.