Man seen with a long sword in the social media charged by the police

A man who was seen in the social media for wielding a long sword and wounding a victim’s finger to intimidate a family of three following a minor car incident at the parking lot of a shopping mall in Tha Phra area has been booked by police on charges of assault and carrying a weapon in public.


Mr Manu Saleedee

The man in question, Mr Manu Saleedee, later apologized Mr Pathikorn Arundecha and his wife, Mrs Pinyata, when he turned himself in to the police in Bukkalo police station in Thonburi on Saturday after the post went viral in the social media and attracted heavy criticism against his conduct.

Manu admitted that he temporarily lost control of himself after the incident and had no intention to harm the three victims. He claimed that he had just bought the sword and kept it in the boot of a BMW sedan which he borrowed for use from his brother.

The minor car collision occurred at the exit checkpoint of the mall’s car park at about 9 pm on Friday.

According to the statements of the victims, Mr Manu got off his Honda car to take a look at his car which was scratched by Manu’s BMW car and complained to the latter about the incident. Both engaged in an argument and, eventually, Manu walked to open the car’s boot and unsheathed a long sword to threaten Mr Pathikorn, with his wife and son still in car.

Manu allegedly poked the sword into the car and it slightly cut Mrs Prinyata’s finger.

But the incident ended without any more serious violence as the two cars exited the shopping mall.

Pol Col Thawatchai Srisurang, superintendent of Bukkalo police station, said the suspect was charged with assault and carrying a weapon in public. He, however, added that police inquiry officers who check the CCTV footage at the parking lot to find more evidences before forwarding the case to the Thonburi district court.